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Mitsubishi Pajaro Short Axis 2017 MOTORHELIX

$ 100.00

Manufacturer : MOTORHELIX
Scale : 1:18
Vehicle : Mitsubishi Pajaro
Limitation : To be confirmed
Part Number : MH002
Colour : Black/White/Silver/Red


Mitsubishi Pajaro Short Axis 2017

Park your 2018 Pajero next to a model from the mid-naughties and from side on, you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference. Over the years, there have been superficial updates to elements like bumpers and tail-lights, but the Pajero’s large boxy visage remains virtually untouched from its 2006 introduction.

It features a huge glasshouse, which makes for a very airy and bright cabin, while its box-like rear section endows the 4×4 wagon with a massive rear cargo space. It’s certainly not going to win any beauty awards but that’s really not the point of the Pajero.

On the inside, too, the only concession to up to date motoring is the touchscreen multimedia system. Again, there have been small cosmetic changes over the years to the Pajero’s design language inside the car, but it really doesn’t feel that much different to one of its 12-year-old siblings when you hop aboard.


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